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In step with time, a step ahead of others 

About DD&C Consulting

Who we are

Due Diligence and Compliance Consulting (DD&C Consulting) is a risk consultancy firm specialized in providing state of the art due diligence reports, compliance advisory, risk assessment, as well as country, KYC, AML and market analysis for investors, law firms and entrepreneurs.

How we help our clients

We help our clients to get a better insight on their partners and associates, aid them in reaching the best decisions concerning their investments in new or emerging markets and help them to move a step ahead in their operations. Maximum effort and know-how is utilized to protect our clients’ reputation and integrity, whilst striving to constantly improve and innovate. In step with time, we move ahead of others.

What our priority is

Our priority is to duly advise our clients and help protect them from potential compliance and other risks that would ultimately result in reputational and financial damage through costly legal disputes and fines which could have been avoided.

By opting for DD&C Consulting as your due diligence and risk assessment partner, you are ensuring the integrity and continuity of your business

Modus Operandi


Initial Phase

Upon receiving the client’s request, we clarify all the details required to satisfy their needs. During the process, through discussion and analysis we map the client´s needs in order to determine the best suitable service. In the initial process, we present the client with the challenges, issues, problems and obstacles that can be faced at the beginning and suggest solutions.


Client Update

During the research process, new obstacles and issues may arise. In order to ensure integrity for both parties, we regularly update our clients on the progress of our research.


Team Set-up

We set up a team for the project, handpicked according to their skills and points of expertise, in order to accommodate accordingly the client´s needs.


Quality Control

Our reporting process is also subject to strict fact-checking and quality control measures. By that, we mean to ensure that all the facts are presented as there are, and positioned within a context in order to not leave the client with questions and concerns. We also employ strict quality control measures in order to reduce to zero the chance of any potentially missed information.


Research & Analysis

We conduct open source research and discreet interviews in order to collect the necessary intelligence. The information gathered is analyzed and the results presented to the client in a comprehensive manner.

Need more info? See our services, about pages.

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