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Company Profile

DD&C Consulting is an initiative of years-long experts with extensive experience in the due diligence sector. We are an initiative consisting of due diligence analysts, anti-money laundry experts, journalists, financial and political experts.

Our team comprises of individuals from various disciplines and professional backgrounds, who joined forces to establish a new, innovative and interdisciplinary approach in providing due diligence services and solutions, especially concerning KYC and AML investigations.

"We take pride in being innovators in due diligence reporting standards."

What makes us different?



All due diligence service providers claim to be different, and we sincerely believe them in their intentions. They claim that they are devoted in safeguarding their client integrity, and we have no reason to object. But the question is – are they really 100 percent effective?


Broad Analysis

We do not just check the facts, we analyse the findings for you, taking into account gathered intelligence and putting it in the local and regional contexts. Our analysis is not constrained solely on the subjects in review; it provides a broader context on the markets, local legislation, political culture and social circumstances in order to help our clients make better investment decisions. Our services strive for superior quality, opening new insights and points of view, as it is our conviction that the best efforts provided for our clients create long-term relationships and satisfaction.


Experience & Knowledge

We, the DD&C Consulting team, a group of experts who have pooled their experience and knowledge in various diversified companies and organizations, firmly believe that our competition all comes to the one and the same point – checking facts and presenting them accordingly, whereas the aesthetics of their layouts differ.


Finest Insights

Therefore, apart from our in-house team, we also have a wide global network of top local experts and investigators. Synergizing with them, our reports provide the finest insights on what risks our clients may face with their partners or investments, corruption levels, sector-specific challenges and country specific issues.

"We treat each client individually, and tailor our services and products to each one by listening to their specific needs."

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